Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday fun

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I did not post these past 2 days and I feel bad! :(  i always try to keep this blog updated EVERYDAY. This weekend i decided to take a mini break for my birthday :) I would just like to share with you that i had a very amazing birthday! I did not celebrate big, (maybe because i hate cake and people singing to me! lol) but i spent it with my family which was the best!

On Friday i spent it with my partner in crime Leslie! (She has been one of the only true friends that stuck around after high school) We decide to take a little adventure and bus it to the mall and watch movies!
 My outfit of the day (edited on my phone, forgive the bad quality!)

On Saturday i spent my birthday with my family :) We went out to the movies, then to dinner at the most delicious Italian restaurant I have ever tried lol! Bucca Di Beppo. It was soo mouth-watering, *drool *drool
Besides the food being delicious i love how they have sooo many pictures on the wall. Of course I had to show you guys the pictures they have of Sophia Loren! stunning! 

Later on we went back to my house and enjoyed a nice swim (the weather was perfect) 
 Jen's belly is growing! :) 

I hope everyone has a happy safe Sunday! 


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  1. I love your outfit on Friday! And I LOVE Bucca omg I miss pasta so much >.<


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