Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 20: Nicknames

Oh no! How embarrassing. lol! Well, here goes:

Jazzypoo: given to me by my sister :)
Jazzy: short for Jasmine
Jazz: even shorter for Jasmine
Munchkin: my friends call me that because i'm the smallest of the group
Lion head: refer to "Tangled" post
Afro Jazz: again, refer to "Tangled" post, also future DJ name. ha!

Jennypoo: given to me by my sister :)
Jennyfurry: again, given to me by my sister when she was younger. Jennifer = Jennifur = Jennyfurry
Jenny: short for Jennifer
Jen: even shorter for Jennifer
Little bit: Because I am a shorty
Chiquilin: ok so this one was given to me by my husband, Small in spanish is Chiquita, pretty in spanish is linda so he just combined chiqui + lin = chiquilin (pronounced chickileen)

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