Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Butterfly award!

Thank you Cathy from Hiiyooitscat Beauty Diaries for nominating us for our third award! We really feel honored to receive this award from such an amazing blogger. Cathy has been such a good blogger buddy to us and has supported our blog. If you aren't following her yet I highly recommend you do!


1)  Link back to the person who awarded you.
2) Answer the following questions.
3) Award other bloggers and let them know.

The Questions:

1) What's your favorite song? 
Jen: "Somos Novios" by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera. It was the song my husband and I first danced to on our wedding day :)
 Jasmine: "Bon,Bon" by Pitbull of course! lol 
2) What's your favorite dessert? 
 Jen: Tiramasu. Love it!
Jasmine: the strawberry shortcake from Carl's Jr. :) 
3) What's your favorite pet? 
 Jen: I have two favorite, Coco and Molly. They are my babies.
Jasmine: My dog HoneyBunny, and Coco and Molly! and leo, my sister and her husbands pet leopard Gecko lol! 
4) Black or white? 
 Jen:Black. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, black heels, and it makes you look slimmer.
 Jasmine:Black! it makes life a lot easier when your not feeling so skinny lol! 
5) What's your biggest fear? 
 Jen: Not being able to be with the ones that I love.
 Jasmine: The ocean! 
6) What's your best feature? 
Jen: My heart. I am very loving and caring
 Jasmine: Does my laugh count? haha! 
7) What's your everyday attitude?  
Jen: Thank you God for allowing me to have one more day of life.
Jasmine:YOLO. lol! NO im kidding. its more like, Thank you Jesus for letting me wake up in my warm bed.:) 
8) What is perfection?
 Jen: Love  
Jasmine: a brand spanking new lipstick :D
9) What is your guilty pleasure? 
Oreos. Can't get enough of them, but its probably not so good to eat a whole bag in two days. lol!! That only happened once.
Jasmine: Fashiolista. I can be there for hours loving everything!

I nominate the following blogs:


  1. lol at your answers! loved them!! =).. lol at the oreos!.. don't worry this week and last week combined my bf and i had 3 boxes of cheez its =.= lol

  2. It was great to know more about you girls thank you for nominating me :)


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