Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slight vintage touch

I have always been so in love with pinup hair styles, I decided to finally give it a try BUT i must say that i took me ages to achieve the bangs! lol i definitely need to practice. (& of course it did not come out exactly like those pretty pinup bangs) I also had some vintage clothes that i had in my closet and never found the opportunity to wear them, the shoulder padded dress is a little too outdated i would not wear out in public haha! The red purse also has a vintage touch to it as well.
The polka dot jump suit was so adorable and it went perfect with my hairstyle and makeup! All in all I had so much fun dressing up! I love anything that has a vintage touch to it!


  1. That jumpsuit looks amazing on you! I definitely be jealous of your confidence in wearing that if I saw you walking down the street! I really LOVE your red shoes too.

  2. Loving it! Girls! I so enjoy being featured in your blog roll, but I got rid of mine and am instead replacing it with a sponsor side bar! I emailed you about it, but not sure if you've checked!

    Send me a 200x200 button if you want to be seen in the sponsors bar!

    xoxo, Katie


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