Thursday, August 9, 2012

A leopard's spots

 Hey everyone! So for today's makeup tutorial i decided to do something more fun & "wild" that i saw on beautylish, and attempted to recreate the look! This can be perfect for a Halloween look or costume makeup!
 Start off with a clean, moisturized face :)
 I applied a foundation lighter then my natural skin color, and using a black cream/gel eyeliner i created a heavy cat eye all over my lid and inner corners. 
Using the same black liner, I carefully drew circles, and shapes on my face

 I also drew a black kitty nose! make sure to draw a line from your nose connecting to your top lip and draw in your lips all black.

 Now, use a black matte eyeshadow and go over the eyes, nose, and mouth to keep the gel liner from looking oily. Then i used a orangey-brown blush (NYX in Pecan) i applied it on my forhead, temples,cheeks, and chin. I left the t-zone, under eyes, and mustache area white to make it the "white fur" lol!

 I mixed all of these three pretty orange shades and I filled in the spots!
 Apply big full lashes for an even more dramatic look!

I hope you liked my "wild" makeup today! I'm looking forward to Halloween, lots of creativity, and fun makeup looks to do!



  1. wow, this is sooo awesome!! you're so talented, i love the whole look, so perfect! :) great job!

  2. Love this! Its so random and creative but sexy too, you look hot!! xx


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