Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Vibes

Words cannot explain how much i love this dress! I am a very short girl (4'11 to be exact) and this dress makes me feel somewhat tall! I absolutely adore this dress, the pattern, the colors, and the fabric is very fresh and smooth. So here comes the good part, can you believe this dress was a yard sale find?! I am a very thrifty person and will not buy anything too over priced. My head band was handmade (knitted) with 3 different color strings that you can buy packs of at your local arts & crafts store :) I also re-dyed my hair, my roots needed major touch ups. I found it best to keep the hair dye in for more then 5 hours! (Pravana Vivids) Do any of you know how to Knit? Or want to learn to knit? 



  1. Such a pretty dress! Now following.

  2. that is such a beautiful dress! i really love the colors and design, i've been looking for a dress like that for so long. thanks for sharing! you look so gorgeous :) XO

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