Monday, October 8, 2012

Mac: Lady Danger

Hey everyone! I know i have been MIA for a while, & I have missed blogging soooooo much! :( Unfortunately, my computer has not been fixed, but pretty soon I will have my wifi up & running again  which  means i will have access on my laptop yay! Please do not think i have abandoned you all! So today i had the opportunity to use the internet and decided to do a review on my all time favorite lipstick from Mac. Lady Danger is a matte red lipstick with an orange undertone to it. It is very pigmented (a big plus!) I personally think this lipstick looks beautiful on all skin colors :) 

Pretty soon i will be back to my normal outfit, makeup & nail posts! :D

miss you all 


  1. oh wow, this colour is so perfect! i want it so bad :)

  2. That shade looks really pretty! I don't any quite like it but I love it. Hope you can get back to blogging soon!


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