Friday, January 18, 2013

January Birchbox

 Yay i love when Birchbox arrives, its like a mini Christmas when opening this box of goodies ha! I know i promised to keep my blog updated as much as i can, so bare with me these next few days as i did have a lot planned for makeup and outifts, BUT, I've had a stye for almost a month now but it wasn't going away cause i kept wearing makeup! It made it worse, so now its been about a week with no makeup for me and my eye is slowly recovering! So until it fully heals, i will stick to things where i don't have to show my face (for your sake! haha!)

Now on to the products!
 I cannot wait to try this shampoo because it is for color treated hair & for all hair types so no worries in the curly hair department!

  • Claims to make hair bright and shiny
  • Contains sea buckthorn berry oil & omega acids
  • original Full size is $22

 This cream smells great and doesn't feel so oily on the face!

  • Glycolic acid 
  • exfoliates & moisturizes 
  • full size $115

 Smells Delicious & its vegan!

  • organic
  • moisturizes
  • full size $15

 Spritzer: "keep your energy levels high and fight cravings to boot"

  • zesty blend of apple, mint, and lotus-blossom 
  • full size $21-$55

 The Balm Primer! can't wait to try this once i can wear makeup again!

  • prevents smudges and smears
  • full size $18


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  1. My friend gets this monthly and loves it and I've always wondering about their consistency and how often you actually get awesome things! The shampoo sounds awesome and I've always wanted to try out the balm! You'll have to do a review to tell us how it works :)


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