Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fashionista on a budget

If you are a fashion enthusiast or just like shopping, (i.e like myself lol) then you know that heart break feeling when you see the cutest dress, cardigan, or shoes that are a MUST in your closet, and you see the price tag...Yes admit it has happened to us at least once in our life time! That "hang your head in sadness" walk you do when you know you cannot afford that item at the moment. Unfortunately it has happened to me many times, BUT i never let that stop me from being fashionable lol! Whenever i go into a store & find something i want but cannot afford, i usually give it a few weeks, when I go back to check the price it has usually been marked down half price! Believe it or not stores tend to do that alot because after a certain time they get new shipment and have to make room for the new merchandise. Another thing that I find money saving is that searching in local fashion boutiques, little fashion stores, or sometimes even department stores carry quality clothing for an amazing price! If you have been following my blog you know I always talk about Ross, Cotton On, & thrift stores. Since i live by a Ross store I am ALWAYS walking my booty over to check out the bargains, probably way too many times then i should be lol. The three most important things when you are bargain shopping are: 

3.Open Mindedness 

Patience & time go hand in hand when it comes to shopping on a budget, finding specials, deals, clearance & bargains! It takes a lot of patience when doing this kind of shopping because you have to search all the clothing racks, piece by piece to make sure you don't miss a thing! If you don't have time, sometimes you find amazing prices by taking a quick look so be aware of any red or orange tags! 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an open mind when bargain shopping, shopping on a budget etc. Why you ask? because there are certain things that seem "out of style", "not in", or you might think it won't look good on you but that is where you are mistaken! If you like a certain item that seems "out of style", and its a great, affordable price why not buy it? There are alot of new fashion trends all the time and fashion do's & don'ts all over the media, fashion gurus etc. but that doesn't mean that its a crime wearing something that YOU like and that YOU feel comfortable in! I believe that fashion/style is about expressing who you are, your personality, without having to say a word, and how will you express yourself with something that everyone is wearing? I personally buy items that i like whether they "in" or "out" because its my style & I make it unique! Another thing is that question that runs through your head, "What if it won't look good on me?" Go try it on! "I don't like how that color/style looks" TRY IT ON! chances are the shirt that you thought would look amazing on you really didn't, & the shirt you thought looked weird, is the one that fits you the best and you like how you look! So have an open mind, and set your own trends!


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