Tuesday, November 5, 2013

JJ Artistry BLOG!

hey my lovely followers! I know i haven't been as dedicated to Luxe11, as most of you know I started my own online boutique and have alot more going on as well! this blog is mainly all my makeup looks and personal fashion looks and so far my blog has been going great! I created another blog called JJ Artistry. its all about the services i offer (since i am a licensed cosmetologist and freelance makeup artist). JJ Artistry has also expanded with JJ Artistry Boutique my sister's & I online boutique! We are really excited about this and our boutique is doing great!

JJ Artistry blog will be mostly "behind the scenes" of our boutique photo shoots, "get the look", makeup tips, spotlight on items from our boutique and much, much, more! Do not worry, I am not getting rid of LUXE11 i will still be updating on here and try to get more of my personal fashions and makeup on here. I am very excited about this new journey i am starting and it will only get better from here on out! I just want to thank all my lovely beautiful supporters since day one! And i hope you continue with me on this journey with JJ Artistry and JJ Artistry Boutique!


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