Monday, February 13, 2012

Day One: Recent Pics & 15 Facts About Us


  1. I love mooses
  2. I will marry Pitbull one day. I really am his biggest fan. No, really I am!
  3. I don't like hugs. Mostly random ones from strangers or people i barely know...not in a mean way :)
  4. I have a lipstick collection
  5. I am not yet 5 feet tall, i wish to get there one day, hopefully it happens. lol!
  6. I snort when i laugh..most of the time..haha! snort!
  7. My sister bullies me sometimes :( lol!
  8. I used to spend seven hours a day watching Telenovelas (spanish soap operas).
  9. I drank perfume once when i was little. on accident. i don't have a strange addiction or anything...
  10. I almost died trying to be Simba from the Lion King when i was little because i tried to slurp up gummie worms without chewing...not fun.
  11. My favorite color is red (most of my lipstick collection is some shade of red)
  12. I wish I had an accent like Tinie Tempah :B
  13. My sister chose my name because the movie Aladdin had just come out and she loved Princess Jasmine :)
  14. I always eat quesadillas. All the time. I love them :)
  15. I am afraid of the ocean. It really is a creepy place :(


  1. I used to play the flute in junior high
  2. I can draw. I won a statewide competition when i was in junior high and won a bicycle
  3. I took the PSAT's at UC Irvine when i was in seventh grade
  4. I like singing! I'm a Glee fan and even though i am not that good, i still rock out in the shower!
  5. I went to Interior Design school for a year
  6. I was wearing bright red Strawberry Shortcake socks for my wedding dress fitting and i got a few funny looks. lol!
  7. When i first met my husband he tickled me so much one time that i actually peed in my pants :( not fun. but very funny!
  8. I used to wear head gear at night for like 6 months to fix my overbite
  9. I have an addiction to Oreo Cookies. Seriously, I ate a large pack by myself in two days. Now my husband won't allow Oreos in the house :(
  10. I married my husband exactly six years after he asked me to be his girlfriend <3
  11. I played a homeless person in a church play
  12. I am really afraid of spiders. I refuse to kill them myself because i hate that little crackling noise they make...ugh!
  13. My favorite movie of all time is Confessions of a Shopaholic. I laughed so much because I think I am so much like her.
  14. I was the only girl in kindergarten with a Batman folder. 
  15. I can lick my elbow! Which is supposedly scientifically impossible.

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  1. Interesting fact about you gals~! I love quesadillas and am very afraid of spiders too! BTW thanks for following, I'm following back! :)


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