Friday, August 3, 2012

Cotton on, Sirens, Closet Signature, & Forever 21 Haul!

 As you can tell by the long title I really do thorough search for great bargains! I went to the mall yesterday and picked up a few things at a very reasonable price hee hee :) The crop top above I bought at Cotton On for only $5.00 ( I also happened to find this top hidden in a dress rack). Then I saw these cheetah print crop pants with pockets, also $5.00!

 After i went to Sirens and picked up this really cute striped, teal shirt! it was on clearance for $10.00

 These next few pieces of clothing are by far my new favorites! I went to a store called Closet Signature and  bought the top above which was only $6.00 and the back of the shirt is so cute, (i forgot to take a picture of the back :/ ) The two dresses below are really gorgeous as well! This was by  far the best bargain buy of the day since they were $2.00 each! I thought they might be damaged, or something like that since they were at such a low price but i double checked and they were in perfect condition! I decided to get these two different colors, one dark and one brighter with orange.

 I had stopped by Charlotte Russe to pick up some sunglasses that were about $6.00 each, but something told me not to buy them and just wait....So later i went to Forever21 and i saw some really cute pink sunglasses and to my surprise they were $1.80! So of course i bought some teal ones too! Having a really round face its hard to find the perfect black sunglasses and i came across the perfect ones & for $3.80!

 I picked up these GORGEOUS earrings at sirens! $6.00 but totally worth it, i love anything blingy, & colorful!

This was the cutest ring I have seen :) it made me laugh when i saw it at Closet Signature, they had these by the cash register so it was an impulse buy heh heh c}:

Now you all know that i try my best to find cute, fashionable, AND affordable clothes, and i think i did really great this time searching for the best prices out there!


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