Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Cover Girl Blast flipstick

I had been meaning to review these lipsticks, yes i know I'm a tad late, but better late then never! I really love trying out all kinds of lipsticks and these where pretty great if i do say so myself! :)

These "flipsticks" come with two lipstick shades on each end. I noticed that one side comes with a slightly darker shade than the other side. The first one i tried out is called "Vixen". With a very pearly light pink shade, and a darker pink shade on the other side.
(please excuse the bad swatches!)

Please excuse my bunny teeth as well lol! I really loved how creamy and pigmented the flipstick is. You can use these colors either way you'd like, from darkest to lightest or the other way around. The colors are by far my favorite and the name goes well with it too, i feel like this combination of lip color would look amazing with a smokey eye. Definitely, "Vixen" like!

The next color i tried is in the shade "Flashy". It comes with a vampy dark purple pink, and a shimmery pink. These two colors are amazing!

Don't you just love the slight ombre effect these colors make? :) I applied the lightest color and then the darkest color, and carefully blended them  together! love love love!

Overall, I really liked both flipsticks and I am very tempted to buy more..heehee! Have any of you tried these yet? which is your favorite shade?



  1. Wow, I never thought twice about these but now I may have too, they look gorgeous!



  2. ooh good thing you like them!! you did very well with the ombre look with the lipsticks! I might try them out! =)

  3. I can deff tell the difference

  4. loving the ombre effect :)
    BTW im following you !
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