Friday, August 24, 2012

Long Dress, Long Earrings

 Hey girls! I hope everyone's week went well, and now to get the weekend started!  I always want to wear long dresses with sandals instead of heels, but I'm really short (4'11 to be exact) so it's always hard to find dresses that are long but not too long lol! I don't even have to tell you were i bought this dress, you all probably think I live at Cotton On ha ha! I can't help but take advantage of the $5.00 deals :)
This dress is perfect for my height & i wore it with very small wedge sandals. The earrings were purchased at Forever21 for $6.00 This whole outfit is under $20.00 talk about bargain!



  1. I LOVE those earrings! Green & gold :D

    Loving your unique hair too..Very Jessica Rabbit :)


  2. Stunning :-)

    Loving the colour of this dress and it looks gorgeous with you hair colour xxx

  3. I love your bun and your earrings!


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