Monday, August 27, 2012

Ombre Liner

All things Ombre have been "in" for quite some time now and to be honest i love it! I've been meaning to try a red vampy ombre lip, but i need to buy the right lipliner for that, in the mean time i decided to try ombre eyeliner look! I had seen this around Instagram, and I'm happy that i tried it out!

check out my step by step tutorial here!

 Start off with a clean eyelid, apply a base (Milani concealer in natural beige works great!)
 Then trace a line with NYX JEP in Milk using a small concealer brush. I did a dramatic wing (optional)
Take a black matte eyeshadow (Coastal Scents 88 original palette) and gently pat the shadow on the outer corner.
Then use a dark gray eyeshadow, and blend it with the black (Almay eyeshadow Charcoal quad)
I took a silver shimmery shadow (ELF mineral shadow in smoldering) and blended that in with the dark gray and slightly in the inner corners.
Then I used a pearly white shadow (ELF mineral shadow in angelic) and blended it with the silver.
Alot of blending involved lol!

I added eyelashes,  MissAdoro #62 and lined my waterline with white liner. & Tadaaa! 

Hope you guys like! 



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