Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Land of the Free

 Happy fourth of July! A little blue in my outfit as well as a very special project My Mom & I have been working on (necklace!) I apologize for the lack of outfit posts! As you know I'm trying to go red head, and well i had a slight accident with my hair. ( i will do a separate post about it soon) so i had to re dye it and fix it! now its a brownish red tone which i kind of like! This dress was purchased at Cotton on for $10.00! I love love love the color combination! hope everyone has a fun and safe day!



  1. The color of your skirt is so vibrant and pretty! I really like it (:


  2. I really love your new hair color!! cute outfit too.

    1. Jamie me too because at first ,it was brownish type this color is perfect because of the summer time and than it want fade away:)its the natural look and also being yourself: smile

  3. very cute!! love the necklace


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