Saturday, July 7, 2012

Metallic nails: what you need to know!

Hi everyone! So i have some fun news to share! In one of my past blog posts, i showed you all my Gold Nails that were metallic, and gave off a reflection. Ever since then i have been getting a lot of questions about them, whether they were nail sheets, stickers, some sort of nail polish etc. I recently went back to Ross and found the same nails again! I was super happy! I decided to give you all the 411 about these nails and where you can purchase them in not only gold, but other colors as well!
The following picture is from the original post i had done a while back

So check out my video with all the details on how to purchase them and where! (this is not a sponsored post)

Here are the links i mentioned in the video, of where you can find the nails :)

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  1. They look great!
    I must try them.



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