Monday, February 27, 2012


Falsies! who doesn't love putting on these bad gals? Believe it or not, wearing false lashes can brighten up your eyes, or make a simple eyeshadow come alive! I started wearing false lashes about 2 years ago and 
I am hooked! I like to wear them almost everytime I do my makeup, since my natural lashes are very tiny:( I love how they come in different sizes and length, If you want a natural look these are the perfect ones:

#213 by Red Cherry provide a natural everyday lash look. 

 #747M by Red Cherry are longer in length, but still give you a natural look.

#412 by Red Cherry have length and give you a separated lash look.

  When you want a little more dramatic, full lash effect, these are some good choices to try:

#1 by Red Cherry are a little bit more fuller, but not too dramatic.

#20 by Red Cherry are the best of both worlds :)

#82 by Red Cherry  Full, Fun, and flirty!

Now I would like to share some of my personal favorites (in no particular order).

  We all want to be a little more flirty...bat those eyelashes away! ;)


  1. Barbie-Bombshell.blogspot.comFebruary 27, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    great post, thanks for sharing!

    happy monday, friend!xo


  2. red cherry are my favorite. they are cheap and so gorgeous xx
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