Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Coco & Molly

These are my loves! Coco was my first puppy and I got her from a pet store when she was about a month old. I had always wanted a Yorkie and I was trying to convince my hubby that we should get her because she was just to darn adorable. We visited her twice at the pet store and on the second visit she barked at my hubby and nibbled at his cheek and that was it! lol! We knew we just had to have her. She is 9 month old now and we were just blessed by Molly through one of my hubby's coworkers. I just knew we had to have her as soon as I had her in my hands. Molly is a Yorkie, Cocker Spaniel, Chihuahua mix and  is about 2 months old now and we just love her! She is so lovable and spirited! And I am so glad that Coco has a sister (partner in crime) now. They are a handful but I wouldn't trade either. They fill my days with love and all those little moment where you feel they are almost human. Can you tell I am an animal lover? lol! 


  1. i love her little bow! too cute xx

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  2. Thank you! And thank you for your comments! Do you have any pets of your own?


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