Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Roll

Blog Roll

Calling all fellow bloggers out there! :)
Want your blog to be featured on our blog roll? Let us know and we will be more than happy to add you! You must meet these requirements first:

  • You must be an active blogger. (meaning you must have your blog up to date)
  • Your blog must be about fashion and/or beauty
  • You must include our blog in your blog roll or mentioned somewhere visible on your blog
  • And you must be following our blog
Feel free to contacts us by email: or comment below if you want to be a part of the blog roll!

Thank you!


  1. Oh hey! I'd love to be in your side bar! I post about a slew of things, ranging from beauty and what I'm wearing to my cat.... oops. Let me know if you have room for me and I'd make a page to feature you guys on! 

    ....funny story, I'm actually making a weekend links post right now and putting one of your makeup posts in it :) 

  2. Hi, I'd love to be featured on your blog, im always so busy researching in my PhD that I take special time out to blog everyday about my favourite beauty products and makeup related interests with a dash of fashion! At the moment I haven't featured a blog roll on my blog but once I get the time to I will be doing so! Please feel free to visit my blog anyway! P.S you girls have a brilliant blog!

    Thank you :)

  3. ooh what a great idea!!!.. I would be honored to be on your blog roll =) I am always trying to update my blog.. but i try not to update too much.. lol.. don't want to overwhelm my readers haha.. anyhow, I love beauty and fashion. most of my posts are mainly beauty related.. but i will eventually have fashion related posts as well!.. I hope you have room for me on that side bar of yours!.. i think you guys are the only fashion blog on my roll atm =)!

    ♥ Cathy!

    1. We would love to add you to our blog roll! Please email me: so i can give you all the details!


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