Thursday, March 1, 2012

Night Sky & Starry Pink

I am a huge fan of all Revlon products, I have a collection of lipsticks and eyeshadows, everything that I can possibly buy from Revlon! I came upon some new eyeshadows I had not seen before. I immediately saw the sparkles! The new Revlon Diamond lust eyeshadows come in 5 different lovely, and not to mention GLITTERY shades! I had the urge to buy all 5, but in the end I decided to buy just 2.

Night Sky

This is a must have in every girls makeup bag! I love how its not so powdery, it doesn't crease, and of course the glitter! I like to apply it on my lid on top of a nice black or dark gray shadow, it takes a smokey eye to a whole new level!
Starry Pink

The Second shade I bought was:
 This beautiful pink shade is perfect for a sweet look :) I love how it looks with a light brown shadow! Its more of a "romantic" shimmer shadow, still very lovely, and of course it does not crease! thumbs up for that!


  1. o0o I must try these! I love the pink shade. I have been looking for a new pink shade with shimmer. Revlon is a great brand, Their lipsticks are my fav!


  2. I love the pink, actually anything with a little shimmer! lol! And yes Revlon is pretty awesome :)



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