Saturday, April 21, 2012

"They're Crafty"

A quick little Saturday post! We got crafty! Jen had a small project to work on for a Quinceanara ( A 15) and me and the rest of the family helped her work on these amazing party favors :) 

  • We used these candy molds in the shapes of flowers, we melted little pellets of chocolate (they come in different colors, we used pink) and all you have to do is fill the molds and set them in the fridge for 10-15min.

  • After the chocolate hardened, this is what the chocolate looks like.Pretty little chocolate flowers! & they are sooo yummy too lol! This is what we used to fill the pink boxes up.
  •  We used fake silk flowers that come in a bouquet, and we ripped them off the stem to have individual flowers.

  • Using hot glue guns, we glued the petals to the top of the pink boxes

We made about 200 of these! Its something that is cute,simple, and affordable to make!
Just thought it would be nice to share some of our "crafty side" of us! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! <3


  1. This is really lovely and oh so you guys are spanish? I've seen in movies what quinceanara was about it's very cool and don't forget to share some photos with us :)

    1. thank you! & we are from Guatemala :) lol!

  2. those are SO cute! i love the little flower detail
    Jordan xx
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