Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Wish list!

Yes it's around that time of year again, My birthday yay! its coming up pretty soon and i feel like time went by so fast. Now im heading towards my last year as a "teen". As a little kid i remember always making a list for my mom with things i wanted for my birthday, this is what my 19th birthday wish list looks like:
  1.  i just need those yellow Fergie pumps! I tried them on while doing a little shopping at the mall and i have not stopped thinking about them since! 
  2. Bralet top from H&M that I really adore :)
  3. 90s love, I'm a 90s baby! of course i have to have this shirt lol
  4. Cosmopop by Lime Crime is one of the lipsticks i have been dying for! I hope i get this for my birthday! *cough *cough lol
  5. Tribal clutch is a must for this summer!
  6. last but not least this gorgeous ring I tried on at H&M! :) 
If your birthday is in May, what is on your wish list? :)



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