Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crop Top: Cheetah

Crop tops are all the rage for spring/summer. These trendy tops are everywhere and come in many styles, & patterns. I had a tiny haul a few weeks ago that consisted of some jewelry and a couple of skirts, and yes this crop top! I fell in love with it! I thought it would go great with a gold chain necklace i bought from Forever21. Looking forward to wearing this! 
Some of the cheetah print crop tops come in different styles I really like the one below it goes great with the skirt and belt
 Then there is the sleeveless kind which is adorable with the pop of color shorts!

I definitely  like all the styles but i really like the first one with the skirt, it looks very feminine and sexy at the same time! Are you fans of crop tops? how do you prefer wearing them, with a skirt, shorts, or jeans?



  1. Oh they're so cute! I love both looks but agree about the skirt, the 2nd one would be great for a festival, though.
    I've looked at a few in the shops and am a bit afraid my belly will hang out! hhaha.

    1. yes you're right! the second one would be great for a festival type of thing! & me too lol! thats why im going to find a high-waist skirt haha!

  2. I'm not usually a huge fan of animal print clothes..But you have slightly changed meh mind..on that! I absolutely adore your Cheetah crop-top it's gorgeous..And will sure look lovely on you:D! Good choice on the gold chain necklace it matches perfectly with your top ღ!!

    Love Pixie xox

    1. lol you should try out the animal print and maybe even a crop top with a little bit of print just to try it out you know! :) thank you!

  3. Hi, do you know what brand the bottom cheetah crop top is from??


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