Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To be or not to be...

a red head, that is the question! As most of you know, I have been debating for quite some time whether or not to become a red head. Red is such a hard color to keep up with, and its also a dramatic change for me since i do have dark hair. Of course i have been researching different brands of hair dye (ones that i am familiar with, others that i'm not) and i have received many opinions from family, friends, and even some of you! 
So i have different shades that i really want, I can't decide! Oh the woes of being a girl lol! The top picture is by far my favorite. I fell in LOVE with her hair color, the style, everything! The above red shade is the one I'm really aiming for. Below are several other pictures of other tones & shades of red that are also really pretty. I really love the BRIGHT Rihanna red, but I am not sure if i can pull of that bright shade :( I also think of all the damage it will do to my hair (I am very aware of that). 

Now this picture below is also a very pretty red, a little more subtle than Rihanna

 Now there is also an option of going somewhat red ombre! Probably a little more darker red than this picture. Something i would probably do way later in the future lol
 & last but not least is a deep burgundy red, I am familiar with this shade because i have had it this color when i was younger.

If you have read through all of my ranting of red,tones,shades, thank you! lol Now whats left, is for me to makeup my mind! Suggestions, opinions, are welcome & HIGHLY appreciated! :)



  1. Oh man I seriously can't help you because I'm in the same situation! I was just recently talking to my hairdresser the other day about this, I really want to dye my hair red. But I really like my regular hair color too (I have "virgin" hair)...but for myself I was thinking a more auburn (maybe with a tinge more red)...that ombre looks amazing also.

    1. an auburn sounds so pretty! you should try it out or just work your way towards it! :)

  2. The ombre is a good idea if you don't want to damage your hair I think.

    1. the ombre is sounding pretty convincing! lol

  3. I think in all honesty, you should go for it if you want. I say this because I'm in an industry where it is difficult to have piercings out in the open, bright colored hair etc. Plus, if worst comes to worst, you can dye it back. I think if you don't do it, you'll continue to wonder whether you should take the plunge or not. It is probably also important to really do your research if you're unsure. Hope this helps and good luck!


  4. thank you! And you are sooo right, I think i might work my way up to a semi bright red, I should take the plunge! thank you for the opinion!


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