Friday, June 15, 2012

We all have our addictions...

We all have our little addictions, whether its chocolate, shoes, glitter, cute puppies (lol) well my addiction is LIPSTICK. It started out with one simple nude lipstick, then pink, then orange, then RED! I cannot stop buying. They range in all sorts of brands (mostly drugstore) but i hope to one day own YSL & Chanel...ahhh a girl can dream right?

Do any of you LOVE lipsticks as much as i do?



  1. Ah! I'm going through a craze right now as well. I buy a new lipstick every time I go to the mall. Funny you have so many NYX's, I dont own any and I planned on cruising to Ulta soon to indulge myself since their so cheap and good quality!

    As for how expensive Chanel's lipsticks are - 30 bucks is crazy for a lipstick BUT, that's 2 MAC lipsticks....or 4 Revlon lipsticks! Think of it like that! ;p


  2. Wow, such an impressive lipstick collection.

  3. I love the colour red :)


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