Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mini Thrift Store Haul!

 Hey everyone! You know how i love to find great bargains, when it comes to shopping i will search for things in good condition AND great price of course! I went to some local thrift stores around my town and came across some very cute clothes and accessories :) I fell in love with these earrings they had by the cash register at the thrift store. The color was what convinced me lol!

 I also found two silver necklaces, one with black and white circles & the other with rings as the accent!

Then i found a gold necklace with an adorable little tote and key at the middle! how cute is that?

I also picked up a few pieces of clothes (very cute clothes!) I loved this dress because of the ruffles and it also has pockets! i love dresses with pockets very convenient lol. The roses and stripes are cute!

I came across some black jeans that had these little gold details to it, the only thing i didn't like was that these jeans are bell bottom like! haha! so I'm thinking of making them into shorts.

I've been feeling stripes lately and this dress is so pretty! I saw it but it looked way to big for me, i tried it on and it was very fitted! The material sticks to your body perfectly and i loved the little buttons on the bottom of the dress!

Now this shirt seems straight out of Fresh Prince of Bel Air! lol i was iffy at first but i pictured myself wearing and maybe making a few adjustments here and there!

The most i spent on each item was about 2 dollars! So in total i spent about 10 dollars on all these items which is not bad at all! Do you love thrift store shopping? share your thoughts!



  1. I love all of your pics, especially the Fresh Prince blouse ;) You can rock it with neutral colors and black loafers, looking totally chic.

  2. those are great finds ;D love the jewelries! i followed you btw <3

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx

  3. Love the earrings :)

    Now following you, I would love you to follow me back! x

  4. I love the pink earrings and the striped dress so cute! And seriously can't believe you got everything for $10!

    Unconfined Aspirations


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