Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My hair Journey Part 1

So if you have been following my blog, you know that i have been dying to have bright red hair! Well here is my story of what happened with my hair!

My hair is naturally dark brown like the picture below:
I had some red peek-a-boos in my hair as well:
I really liked the color of the red peek-a-boos in my hair (those pieces were bleached) and i wanted my whole hair to be like that!

I did plenty of research, based on my knowledge of what i know  (being a cosmetologist) and also some internet research as well. I know that it is very hard to get naturally dark brown hair to a very bright red hair (like Rihanna) without using bleach and other harsh chemicals. I did not want to apply bleach on my whole entire head because i did not want to damage my locks, so i opted for using a "bleach wash" which is a mixture of bleach and a shampoo of equal parts. 

I did the bleach wash and it lightened my hair a tiny bit, i then applied Loreal Highlights dye in Red for dark hair only. Unfortunately, the end result was far from what i expected! I had light brown, red, and black spots all over my hair. The reason why this happened is because i still had some black hair dye in the middle of my hair (from growing out) and the red spots were from the previous peek-a-boos i had so those had lightened up and caught the red dye. The crown was light brown because of my new growth.
So of course i was horrified and had no other choice then to run to my local Target. I re dyed my hair the next day with a Burgundy black from Revlon.
I thought it was going to turn a dark color but it just managed to even out the rest of my hair and this was the result:
As you can see it turned a light auburn color, and the ends where lighter. I decided not to dye my hair until a week later. A week later I re dyed it with a lighter burgundy. Its been about a 3 weeks and a half since then, and my hair has been getting lighter because of my daily swimming in the pool. This is what it looks like now (please don't mind my really poofy curly hair lol)

It is now a light golden brown, and i have been doing a cinnamon conditioner mix to help it lighten naturally. I know most of you might think "ewww its horrible!" (or something along those lines lol) but I am trying to go naturally lighter and lighter until i can apply a red dye! As for the picture below, those are some of the spots that still have black hair dye and i am working on lightening those up as well (don't judge) :)

 Lol as you can see I have a passion for hair, i love doing hair and experimenting with my own. I have never tried doing anything naturally and most people find it time consuming because they want to see a change immediately. I have decided to be patient and wait it out, because as the saying goes "Good things come to those who wait".

So bear with me in my Hair Journey to becoming a red head! Hopefully in the next few months I will have a "Hair Journey Part 2"


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