Thursday, August 16, 2012

Target, Ross, & Cosmoprof mini haul!

Hola! So here are some products i picked up at my local Target, Ross, & Cosmoprof! I really hunted all of these things down and were much needed!

  I have been searching for an affordable shampoo for color treated hair, and i decided to give this a try, I'm hoping it will keep my color a little bit long lasting. It states that it not only protects color but it also protects it from UVA & UVB which no one really stops to think about! I know i never really cared about that, but now that i have red hair i have to think twice about my hair care needs!

I also picked up this Tresemme heat protector for my hair, although i do have some other products that i apply to my hair before i do anything to it with heat, I decided to buy this and try it out. I have been seeing some reviews on it so why not test it out for myself? :) what caught my attention was that it protects up 450 degrees which is EXACTLY the temperature i use on my hair lol!

 So, it has been very and i mean VERY hot in California these last 2months, a little too hot i would say but of course who doesn't spend their summers swimming, out and about, and of course the beach?! Well i kind of got a little too tan during these weeks and my skin is now darker then normal. Which also means my regular foundation was way too light! I browsed around and chose this foundation because it blended in perfectly!

As I said, being out in the sun a lot clearly doesn't help with red hair. I spent a whole day out in the sun prancing around the beach and sadly my dye faded! I was so sad, i thought "might as well go for a swim" so that made my hair turn orange and blonde. I was in need of touching up my hair again but i didn't really like the last dye i used; Rusk deep shine. I stopped by Cosmoprof and thought i should try this color by Matrix. It has a 2-in1 booster+highlighting cream in the dye which i think is amazing for people with darker hair! 

 I got a free sample with my purchase of this color savour shampoo, can't wait to try it out! :)

I went to Ross, ( I practically live there lol) and i wasn't really in search of anything particular, just hoping to find some bargains. Luckily i found this CUTE floral blazer and to my surprise it was only $12.00 (original price $26.00) so I had to buy it :)

Have any of you tried the products i mentioned? Do any of you like the Maybeline fit foundations?


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