Friday, August 30, 2013

BeautyCon LA 2013

Hey my loves! I wanted to share with you guys my little trip to BeautyCon! I attended on Saturday August 24, and the event was free! The event started at 10:00 am, the website said to show up early but unfortunately the LA traffic was real lol! My friends & I got there around 10:30 and by the time we found parking it was almost 11! You would not believe how LONG the line was for BeautyCon! The line was literally a whole block long! I had never heard of BeautyCon until this year so i figured it wasn't as popular as other events like IMATS & Hair shows etc. but i was WRONG lol. So we got in line to wait, and wait, AND WAIT. We stood in the scorching California sun for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. Yup. believe it! By the time we actually got inside the event it was around 4:00pm. I met alot of fellow Youtubers/bloggers and so many other girls! While in line i made friends with some pretty amazing girls, they were so nice and friendly and we each took turns saving each others spot in line while we would go buy water to stay hydrated in that 90 degree weather! We were barely halfway in line when we heard that Nicole Guerriero was going to come outside to talk to us & take pics so at this point we were about to cry if we saw her because we were so exhausted & sunburned lol! 

It had been like half an hour since we had heard that she was going to come outside, so we thought she wasn't going to anymore :( We were standing there talking when she walked by us and all the girls started screaming and we did too of course lol! She was so beautiful and was really nice, she took pictures with us and said hi to everyone! 

It was great to meet Nicole she is amazing! The highlight of my day though was meeting Carlibel55! I ran to her and was shaking because i was that nervous of meeting her! Let me tell you she is PERFECTION! She is like a doll and such a sweetheart! That made the whole 5 hours melting in the sun worth it! <3 <3
I also met her boyfriend Brett as well! They make such a beautiful couple and they are both just two of the sweetest people you will ever meet!
I can go on & on about Carli & Brett but i shall move on, lol. When we finally got inside the event i was tired, my makeup looked horrible, and i felt really dizzy. I tried to make the best of the time in there but to be honest it wasn't what i expected. Everything seemed unorganized & of course by the time we had gone inside everything was almost gone, we got left overs you can say. I was slightly disappointed, but i bought my beautycon bag that came with some goodies and i also went to the BH cosmetics booth to buy the Take me to Brazil palette which i LOVE & a duo blush palette in Tulip.

I did get to meet Carli again and we even had the chance of a mini photoshoot with her! <3 Overall, i enjoyed meeting some of my favorite Youtubers like Andreaschoice, Nicole, & i did see Kandee Johnson as well as Christina Milian! Will I go back to BeautyCon next year? hmm well im not sure if i would..If the tickets are being sold then yes because i know i won't have to wait so long! If i do go again ill make sure to camp out over night lol!


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