Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brushes on a Budget

As the title says, these are brushes on a very low budget!
I have a couple of brushes I've picked up from ELF for only a dollar. I have about 3 which i have been using for a while and they do the job as well as they can! Sadly one of my brushes broke so i was in need of some more brushes! I stopped by Target and promised myself I would not go near the beauty section, but it is IMPOSSIBLE because it is right in front when you walk in lol!

I wandered in the food section trying to ignore all the makeup that was calling me. Then at last, i gave in and walked on over. I saw a whole section of a bunch of black boxes that i had not seen before so i checked it out. To my surprise there was these boxes of 10 brushes! I almost cried lol.
So of course i took advantage of this and bought the set of brushes :)

I was pretty satisfied with what the box contained and for the price not bad at all!

  • The blush brush is my favorite, i like how I can use this brush to blend my bronzer & blush together

  • I like this foundation brush! i expected it to be less soft and not blend my foundation right but it was just right!

  • Now these I'm not really a big fan of because there just like the ones that come in those little palettes or makeup bags. 

  • The concealer brush i like because i can use it in the little spots i need to cover around my eye area/nose area

  • The eye shadow brush is the same as the one i had bought before, so of course i LOVE this one the most! 

  • I have yet to try these, but i plan on using these brushes to do a smokey eye and also i cool winged liner!

  • I usually don't blend my lipsticks (idk if that's a bad thing or not) but i tried blending my nude/brown lip liner with a peachy nude lipstick (smoked peach by revlon) and i liked how natural it looked :) so i will be using this more often!

  • This brush does its job! I use it with my NYC translucent powder and it applies the powder evenly not too much!

I know for some of you, this might not be the best brushes out there BUT, for girls like me who are on a really tight budget these makeup brushes are perfect! This is my overall honest review of the brushes. Of course i can't complain, $10 for 10 brushes is awesome!



  1. your soo lucky!
    In the Uk this same collection costs £38.50 on the ELF website thats like $59!!!
    hhahaa if you ever wanna do a swap! lool x

    1. what!? oh my goodness i cannot believe it! that is crazy over here there way cheap! maybe i'll do a blog swap haha!

  2. I love e.l.f. brushes! Their mineral line is really great too xx

    1. me too! and ive been meaning to try the mineral stuff! :)

  3. What a great deal, I have yet to try their brushes out but i may have to now. I'm not one to splurge on brushes, so this would be perfect.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog as well!

    1. they are definitely a great deal! and your welcome :)

  4. What a great find:) Love your blog!

  5. What a great blog!
    I just followed you :)
    Would you mind to following me?

    1. thank you! & of course i will stop by your blog as well :)


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