Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ombre cheetah print nails

Hey! I'm pretty excited about sharing these fun ombre cheetah print nails, of course one can never have too much cheetah print lol! I am not an expert at doing these ombre nails but practice makes perfect! I got the idea of this design from a rainbow ombre nail tutorial on youtube. I decided to go towards more earthy, natural colors instead :) Below I provided the step by step "picture tutorial"!

  1. Begin by applying a base coat to the fingernail
  2. apply the lightest color all over your fingernail (I used Sweet Nothing by L'Oreal)
  3. now using a sponge i applied a light nude (by Santee) making sure i leave a small space for the lightest color to show
  4. next i applied a nude, one shade darker than the last right above the light nude
  5. then i applied a darker color (Taupe the space needle by OPI) continue the process using colors more and more darker each time 
  6. second to last color i used is Devotion (By L'Oreal) and on the very tips of my nails i added a black color (Black Lingerie by Revlon)
  7. once the whole nail has dried, start adding your cheetah print designs with a black polish or even a sharpie! 
  8. Finish with a gel top coat and voila! 

Products Used:
  • Base Coat (Sally's)
  • Sweet Nothings by L'Oreal
  • Light Nude by Santee
  • Nude by Santee
  • Taupe the Space Needle by OPI
  • Devotion by L'Oreal
  • Black Lingerie by Revlon
  • sponge
  • black Sharpie
  • Gel top coat (purchased at a professional nail supply store)



  1. WOW! Normally I'm not a fan of cheetah print but this one looks pretty! With the ombre and so on. You did a great job!



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