Saturday, September 21, 2013

Take me to brazil BH Cosmetics SWATCHES!

 Hey lovelies! Here is the BH Cosmetics 'Take me to Brazil' 30  eyeshadow palette, including swatches! the colors range from pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges, to cooler tones like blues, greens, and purples.

this is the first two rows from left to right (pinks, reds, and oranges)
These are very pigmented, im using nyx jep in milk for an extra pop of color, most of the colors are matte but there are several shimmer shadows. the bottom row of shadows are very shimmery/frosty which i LOVE!

 the 3rd and 4th row (left to right) are yellows and greens! Im not a very big fan of any yellow eyeshadows mostly because they always come out chalky. As you can see the 3rd row of yellows are pretty much the same with the exception of the bottom eye shadow (to the right) which is very shimmery! The next picture is the green shadows which are my FAVE from the whole palette! These are truly what they look like in the palette and they're so pigmented!

The 5th and 6th row are greens, & blues!
Im really loving the 5th row as well as the last green row. These shadows look beautiful, the camera and lighting don't do them justice! these colors remind me of a mermaid! Then the 6th row contains blues, pretty & pigmented as well!

The last row of shadows are purples, very pigmented as well and can see these being used more often in the future ! :)

 Sooooo, all in all i give this palette a 8/10! A! the reason why i didn't give an A+ is because i didn't really like the yellow shadows and the pinks and reds. My favorite shadows are the whole bottom row of shimmer/frosty shadows that are amazing! hope you enjoyed my review and swatches, feel free to check out the swatches on youtube as well!

Check out some of the looks i have done with this palette!

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  1. Jasmine, thanks for posting swatches and a review of our palette! I'd love to see a look you do with these colors at some point.


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